Grant Application Form

Please use this form to submit a grant request for the Allen County Bar Foundation.

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Current Grant Application Dates:

  • June 16 – September 15 – Grant issued in October
  • September 16 – December 15 – Grant issued in January
  • December 16 – March 15 – Grant issued in April
  • March 16 – June 15 – Grant issued in July

Please email with any questions or concerns.

Grant criteria are listed below:

The project to be funded must meet the Allen County Bar Foundation, Inc. (ACBF) mission and purpose, which includes the advancement of the administration of justice and an understanding of the law through philanthropy, education or service.  Through its grant awards, the ACBF wishes to support projects presented by an organization or collaborating organizations that seek to affect a substantial positive impact in Allen County and Northeastern Indiana.  The projects may present an opportunity for Allen County Indiana Bar Association members’ involvement and the visibility of the ACBF.

The following criteria will be evaluated for each proposal:

  1. Project funding from ACBF may be awarded only to non-profit organizations or government entities.
  2. Project impacts the public awareness of, understanding of, and/or access to the legal system or profession.
  3. Project presents opportunities for members of the Allen County, Indiana legal community to participate on a pro bono or modest means basis.
  4. Project makes a significant impact in Allen County.  For example, either a new venture for the applicant organization(s) or a plan for significant supplementation to an existing service.

Project should include a narrative, budget, and any additional or proposed additional sources of income.

In addition, all grant recipients must include the ACBF in all promotional materials.