Lawyer Referral Service

LRS participation is beneficial no matter the size or focus of your practice. LRS can help you increase your caseload as it matches callers needing legal assistance with you.

Quality Referrals Made Simple
Referrals are made to LRS panel members on a rotating basis. LRS callers are matched with attorneys based upon their specific legal need.

Streamlined Electronic Reporting
LRS offers panelists a convenient online reporting format that saves time and expedites the reporting process.

Basic Program Details
A 10% fee is due to the ACBA for cases referred by LRS resulting in attorney fees over $500. Panelists are required to complete monthly case status reports pertaining to all on-going LRS cases. An online database facilitates easy reporting while providing information on new cases referred in real-time.

LRS Membership Panels & Sub-Panels

LRS Membership Rules