We will find the right attorney for your case. For a $40.00 referral fee, an attorney will provide a 30-minute consultation. Contact the Lawyer Referral Service at (260) 423-2358. Or you may complete the Online Lawyer Request Form or the Find a Lawyer Online link on our website. LRS hours are 9am until 2pm–Monday through Friday. After hours, you may leave a voice message.

Once you receive the referral information, you will contact the attorney’s office directly to set up your consultation. During your consultation, the attorney will discuss the legal process and potential legal costs. Our attorneys are not pro-bono or income based. They will charge their normal rates after the initial 30-minute consultation.

We have attorneys who practice in virtually all areas of the law.

* Bankruptcy * Medical Malpractice
* Business & Corporate * Misdemeanor
* Consumer * Personal Injury
* Custody & Visitation * Probate, Wills & Estates
* Criminal * Real Estate
* Divorce * Support
* Employment * Social Security
* Immigration * Workers Compensation