Upcoming CLE Programs


August 29  Disability Law for Dummies (3 CLE)

September 3  An In-Depth Look at Current Estate Planning Issues (6 CLE)

September 11  Not Just the Ballot Box: An Update on the Rest of the Secretary of State's Office (2 CLE)

September 17  Disability and Orthopedic Impairments: Insights from a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon (1 CLE)
October 29 & 30  Hot Topics for Indiana Lawyers (12 CLE/2 Ethics)

Mark your calendar for 2015 Bench/Bar Conference on February 7!


August 13  A Spirited Discussion of Election Issues (1 CLE)

August 19  Adoption (1 CLE)

August 27  101 Series: Advance Directives (1 CLE)

September 4  Animal Law Overview - How Pets Affect Your Practice (1 CLE)

September 10  Ethical Considerations for Solo/Small Firm Practitioners (1 Ethics)

September 15  Child Custody: Five Statues Affecting Where Children Live (1 CLE)

September 18  Technology & Our Practices: What You Should Know (4.5 CLE/2 NLS/1Ethics)

September 25 101 Series: Real Estate Closings (1 CLE)

September 30  Good Answers to Weird Questions Family Law Clients Ask (1 CLE)

October 8  Gun Talk - An Attorney's Guide to the Purchase, Possession, and Use of Firearms by the Average Citizen (1 CLE)

October 17  Keeping the Buy/Sell Agreement and Asset Values Current for Estate/Gift Planning Purposes (1 CLE)

October 21  The New Aligned Allen County and Fort Wayne Zoning Ordinances (3 CLE)

October 31  Planned Giving: Assisting Client's in the Growing the Philanthropy Tree (1 CLE)

11/6  101 Series: Small Claims (1 CLE)

11/12 101 Series: Trusts (1 CLE)